Sponsored Proposal & Award Activity Tracking

The Sponsored Operations office maintains a database called TechTracS to track sponsored proposal and award activity for the university.  TechTracS contains 30+ years of history.  This data is used to to provide information to university resources and tools, as well as to keep deans, chairs, directors and other administrators apprised of these activities.

Sponsored Proposal Tracking Practice

It is our standard practice to keep a proposal in pending status in the research database generally for a maximum of 14 months following its submission.  During trackings, the status is changed from "Pending" to "Awarded" if funded, to "Declined" if an award was not made to the university, or to "Pending-WIP" if it is believed the funding may come to fruition but there is some extenuating delay relative to the time frame of its occurrence.

A proposal's status is tracked in two ways:

1) Notice directly from the sponsor or Principal Investigator

It is common for federal agencies to send the principal investigator, and often the university, a notification of award or declination of the proposal (most often via email).  However, the declination process is not as transparent with other agencies.  Some agencies do not provide a formal notification to the principal investigator or its decision to not fund a particular project.  Often times the principal investigator either hears verbally from the sponsoring agency or they have reached out to the sponsoring agency in regards to the funding status.  In an effort to keep our data up-to-date, in the event your learn your project is not being funded or that the funding may take an unusually long time, you may send an update regarding the status to vpr-operations@mtu.edu and we will update our database accordingly.

2) Auto-emails requesting a status update from the Principal Investigator

Frequently, our office does not receive notification from agencies regarding a particular proposal's funding status.  In these instances, a status request is generated via email to the Principal Investigator.  After one year, if the proposal is still in "Pending" status in the database, then the system will generate an email to the principal investigator requesting an update on the funding status for that particular proposal.  Based on the feedback received, the proposal status will then be updated in the system.

If no feedback is received from the principal investigator and the proposal remaining in "Pending" status after 395 days, another email reminder is generated.and send to the principal investigator asking for an update on the funding status.  The email also state that in the event we do not hear from them over the next 30 days, then the proposal will be automatically declined in the database.

For proposals in "Pending-WIP" status, we will email the principal investigator for another update regarding the funding status on an adhoc basis.