DTE Energy

DTE Energy is one of the nation’s largest diversified energy companies. Headquartered in Detroit, DTE Energy’s operating units include an electric utility serving 2.1 million customers in Southeastern Michigan and a natural gas utility serving 1.2 million customers in Michigan. With such large generation and distribution systems, DTE Energy is in constant need of talented engineers and technically trained employees to provide its customers with reliable energy 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. A primary solution to this challenge has been a long-standing partnership with Michigan Tech.

“The relationship between Michigan Tech and DTE goes back to the 1940s and has done nothing but grow over the past few years,” said John Dau, plant manager, fossil generation.

In the last several years, DTE has funded a number of activities and programs on campus including Senior Design and Enterprise teams, facilities upgrades, diversity initiatives, student organizations, precollege youth programs, and recruiting. DTE and the DTE Foundation have also been longtime contributors to the electric power systems program in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

“DTE Energy’s generous support for our Senior Design and Enterprise programs provides our students hands-on experience developing solutions to actual design challenges faced by the energy sector,” said Rick Berkey, industry projects manager in the Institute for Leadership and Innovation. “Interaction with DTE's engineers and technical professionals helps students learn first-hand about the industry and develop valuable communication and project management skills. It's more like a first job assignment than a final class project. Experiences like this enable a successful transition from undergraduate education to professional career and would not be possible without support from companies like DTE.”

DTE Energy has enhanced its recruiting experience at Michigan Tech by being a Career Services Gold Partner. DTE recruits at Michigan Tech, due to the high-quality students that can help DTE meet current and future challenges in the power industry.

“DTE continues to be impressed with the quality of the students at Michigan Tech and the dedication of the Career Services staff,” Dau continued. “Career Services is not only there for the students but also for the corporations that recruit on campus—they are a valuable resource to us. One of the benefits of being a Gold Partner is the visibility we have with the students year-round. DTE has expanded that relationship by sponsoring the new learning center within Career Services, which will help even more students with their job-search skills. We look forward to further recruiting at Tech and, with the help of Career Services, finding the high-quality talent we need.”

With over 100 alumni working at DTE Energy, the relationship with Michigan Tech extends beyond the campus borders to DTE’s Detroit headquarters where an alumni event is held annually.