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Cyndi Perkins

Cyndi Perkins

Feature Writer

She’s prone to social media binges, but Cyndi also takes time to stop and smell the flowers, especially our campus roses. The award-winning editor, journalist and columnist writes and edits for Michigan Tech’s web pages, electronic media and print publications. She finds work-life balance in the garden, on her yoga mat and anywhere near the water.

Most Recent Stories

Rice Dance: Follow the Rhythm of Manoomin Harvest to Table

In the season of feasting, summer-grown bounty graces northern tables as more than holiday plenty—it sustains the region's inhabitants through the winter, as it has through the centuries for the Anishinaabek. During the most recent harvest season, rice camp came to Michigan Technological University's Ford Forest Center to teach and share wild-ricing practices. . . . Read More

No Business Like Show Business

Michigan Tech's Visual and Performing Arts alumni are in the spotlight—and behind it, from Cirque De Soleil to Radio City Music Hall. They bring audiobook characters and Marvel Comics superheroes to life. They're aspiring stuntwomen, and international ambassadors creating soundscapes for studios, stadiums and world-renowned concert . . . Read More

It’s Out There: Return to the Paulding Light

The Lake Superior region is known for haunted ship tales. But the legend of the phantom railroad brakeman who walks the night, his swinging lantern visible from a dead-end road in Ottawa National Forest, is perhaps the most famous ghost story of all. A Michigan Tech student research team’s investigation is featured in the latest re-telling of the Paulding Light mystery Tuesday night on . . . Read More

Black and White and Red All Over

The Keweenaw Peninsula shoreline tells a billion-year-old story forged in fire, sculpted by ice. Geoheritage tours teach visitors and residents how to read the variegated cliffs, long-tailed tombolos and shifting sands. To see where volcanoes, glaciers and humans irrevocably altered topography. Bill Rose, a Michigan Tech professor emeritus of geology who developed and leads the tours, calls it . . . Read More

Closing the Loop

In the forest life cycle, what goes up must come down. Michigan Tech's School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science capitalizes on plant-to-harvest teachable moments as experienced students show first-year Huskies how to fell and process trees as they prepare to host Woodchuck Games at Ford . . . Read More

A Moveable Feast

Foraging in the landscape can provide herbal teas, nourishing vegetation—even wetland hot dogs. Students in Michigan Technological University’s first wild foods course find and identify plants that sustain us during final exams, giving “field tests” a whole new meaning. . . . Read More