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Kelley Christensen

Kelley Christensen

Science and Technology Publications Writer

Kelley writes university research stories and articles for university publications. She studied news-editorial journalism and American literature at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and holds a master's in technical communication from Montana Tech. She is pursuing her doctorate in environmental policy at Michigan Tech. Her career includes writing for small-town newspapers in Montana and working as a public information officer, an events coordinator, and science editor for an IEEE publication, Earthzine. Kelley enjoys hiking and cross-country skiing with her family, reading voraciously, crocheting, and exploring the Keweenaw.

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In 2045, automation is king. Cars are not only self-driving, they’re getting ready to take flight. The US population is nearing 400 million, and the next evolution in urban renewal is underway. Technological advances are a daily occurrence, and robotization has changed the face of production and the . . . Read More

Traveling Through Time—Digitally

Have you ever wondered who lived in your house before you? Not the people you bought it from, but the people who built it more than 100 years ago? Were they Finnish or German or Cornish? Did they work for the mine, or were they . . . Read More

Cosmic Collisions

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