ME-EM Graduate Seminar

The ME-EM Graduate Seminar Series is offered as an opportunity for graduate students and faculty to broaden their knowledge beyond their specific area of research and/or studies. This is important at and beyond the graduate level where our activities are highly focused and specialized from a topical perspective. The Seminar Series Committee works diligently to provide a full agenda of speakers who are known nationally and internationally and represent academia, industry and government. The intention is to balance the topics across all areas of the Department while also integrating a few speakers who traverse the traditional ME-EM boundary into new and exciting areas.


Unless otherwise noted, seminars are from 4:00–5:00 p.m. on Thursdays in 103 EERC. Refreshments will be served.

MEEM 6000 - Graduate Seminar

Presentations/seminars on issues related to mechanical engineering and engineering mechanics. May include invited speakers from industry, government labs, and academe.
Credits: 1.0; Repeatable to a Max of 2
Lec-Rec-Lab: (0-1-0)
Semesters Offered: Fall, Spring
Restrictions: Must be enrolled in one of the following Level(s): Graduate

Upcoming Speakers

  • September 7: Dr. Robert Stone
  • September 14: Dourra Hussein
  • September 21: Prof. Marcello Canova
  • September 28: Timothy Brungart
  • October 5: Dr. Shiva Rudraraju
  • October 12: Dr. Julien Meaud
  • October 19: Prof. Francois Barthelat
  • October 26: Dr. Mark Gugel
  • November 2: Prof. Pavana Prabhakar
  • November 9: TBD
  • November 16: Prof. Leslie Lamberson
  • November 23: no seminar
  • November 30: Dr. Jamal Yagoobi
  • December 7: Dr. Karen Thole

ME-EM Graduate Seminar 2017-2018