Great Lakes Institute Faculty and Staff

Guy Meadows

  • Director, Great Lakes Research Center
  • Adjunct Professor, Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences
  • Research Professor, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics
GLRC 307


  • PhD, Marine Science, Purdue University, 1977
  • MSE, Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University, 1974
  • BSE, Mechanical Engineering, Michigan State University, 1972

Research Interests

  • Large scale field experimentation in the Inland Seas of the Great Lakes and coastal oceans
  • Nearshore hydrodynamics and prediction
  • Autonomous and semi-autonomous environmental monitoring platforms (surface and sub-surface)
  • Underwater acoustic remote sensing
  • Marine engineering
Mike Abbott Staff Photo
"Sure, we can do that."

Michael Abbott

  • Director, Great Lakes Research Center Operations
Cell: 906-281-1230
GLRC 309


  • MSBA, Michigan Technological University
  • BS, Biological Sciences, Michigan Technological University

Elizabeth Hoy

  • Assistant Director, Business & Program Development
  • Great Lakes Research Center
GLRC 309


  • Facilitates partnerships that support Institute growth
  • Directs the development and distribution of outreach material to external partners
  • Oversees administrative operations

Jamey Anderson

  • Coordinator of Marine Operations
GLRC 310


  • Oversee research buoys
  • Maintain and repair Remote Operated Vehicles
  • Maintain R/V Agassiz to USCG standards
  • Maintain and operate survey vessels
  • Provide electrical and mechanical support of specialized research equipment
Christopher Pinnow

Christopher Pinnow

  • Electronics/Computer Engineer


  • Support GLRC and APSRC research programs
  • Focus on measurements of the over water and in-water environments
  • Support design, fabrication, testing & utilization of prototype field deployable instruments, including programming and decision support algorithms
  • Statistical analysis of remote sensing and in situ data sets
Devin Seppala Staff Photo

Devin Seppala

  • Office Assistant
  • Great Lakes Research Center
GLRC 308

Ryan Williams, GISP

  • Geospatial Research Scientist
  • Geospatial Research Facility, Great Lakes Research Center
GLRC 311

Areas of Expertise

  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Database Development
  • GIS Tool and Process Development
  • Integrating Web, GIS, Database and Analytics Tools

Jill A. Olin

  • Research Scientist, Great Lakes Research Center
GLRC 110

Areas of Interest

  • Ecology of aquatic systems
  • Fisheries science
  • Aquatic-terrestrial energy linkages
  • Dietary biomarkers (e.g., stable isotopes, fatty acids, compound-specific isotopes of AA and FA)
  • Trophic ecology of top predators in marine, estuarine and coastal communities
  • Predator-prey interactions


  • PhD, Environmental Science, University of Windsor
  • MS, Marine Science, Hofstra University
  • BS, Marine & Freshwater Biology, University of New Hampshire

Research Interests

  • Understanding species- and food web-level responses to environmental stressors using combined dietary biomarker, ecological and modeling approaches
  • Evaluating distributional patterns of organisms and the mechanisms that drive these patterns
  • Using abundance and biomass estimates to quantify nekton communities
  • Quantifying the mechanisms and processes that structure food webs and ecosystems
  • Developing ecosystem models to evaluate the effect of environmental change