Associate's and Bachelor's Candidates

Some students have indicated that they do not plan to participate in Commencement. Seating assignments will be assigned approximately two weeks prior to the ceremony. Check back for updates.

** ROTC candidates will receive their seating assignments at rehearsal and/or during line-up prior to the commencement ceremony.

Name Attendance   Name Attendance
Aardema, Cody JNot Attending Neal, Maegan KAttending
Abel, Cooper DAttending Neil, Erin MAttending
Adams, Matthew JAttending Nemec, Edward LAttending
Alexsy, Alison MAttending Newbold, BryanNot Attending
Anderson, Matthew RAttending Newby, Steven RAttending
Anglim, Joseph DAttending Newland, Jordan CAttending
Arthur, Rachel LAttending Nicholas, Joshua TAttending
Bacon, Anthony CNot Attending Nummilien, Kelsie AAttending
Baer, Mitchell JAttending Olbrantz, Nicholas JAttending
Baldwin, Collin WAttending Olmstead, Madison NAttending
Banas, Trevor JAttending Olson, Evan CAttending
Batchelor, Justin DAttending Olson, Jesse JAttending
Baxendale-Wilson, Sam EAttending Ortiz, Corey JAttending
Bedore, Richard JAttending Otto, Brandon RNot Attending
Behrmann, Colton JAttending Pass, Elijah RNot Attending
Behrmann, Matilda LAttending Patterson, Amy JAttending
Bekkering, Quelyn RNot Attending Paxson, Benjamin KAttending
Bennink, Dakota JAttending Pepin, Jeremy RNot Attending
Berg, Brian SAttending Perez, Carlos MAttending
Bertolucci, Steven RAttending Perreault, Amanda SNot Attending
Betzoldt, Abigail FAttending Person, Alex SNot Attending
Bindi, Kyle JAttending Peszek, Anthony RAttending
Bjorn, Anders LNot Attending Peterson, Levi MAttending
Blaze, Nicholas AAttending Phillips, Spencer JAttending
Boileau, Colette LAttending Pieti, Jacob ENot Attending
Bolstad, Morgan SAttending Pietila, Hans MNot Attending
Boogaart, Justin MAttending Pinozek, Kyle DAttending
Brechting, Luke CAttending Pionke, Adam JAttending
Breneman, Matthew TAttending Place, Cameron RAttending
Brock, Sullivan PNot Attending Platz, George SAttending
Brodersen, Matthew KAttending Polk, Anna KNot Attending
Bunzeluk, Justin JAttending Porter, Anne MAttending
Bures, Jacob RAttending Posz, Zackary JAttending
Burke, JonathanNot Attending Poszywak, Michael JAttending
Burns, Andrew CAttending Presti, Johnathan MAttending
Byrne, Matthew PAttending Prewett, Joshua VAttending
Calabria, Mario AAttending Quinones, Adam MAttending
Campbell, Tabitha AAttending Rahko, Matthew MAttending
Cannon, Scott AAttending Raisanen, Anne MAttending
Carlson, Nicholas AAttending Ralph, Rebecca AAttending
Case, Caitlyn NAttending Ramler, Bailey AAttending
Casey, Sean PAttending Ratkos, Daniel JAttending
Cashen, Kevin RAttending Raymond, Jake TAttending
Caspers, Matthew JAttending Reck, William AAttending
Cavender, Terri RNot Attending Reed, Max WAttending
Cecconi, Nicholas JAttending Reid, Robert AAttending
Champion, Thomas SAttending Reini, Andrew JAttending
Chaney, Sydney LAttending Rennell, Matthew AAttending
Chatman, AveryAttending Repke, Alex LAttending
Chen, ChaoAttending Rich, Jessica MAttending
Chen, ShihaoAttending Richie, Erin NAttending
Chen, YunhaoAttending Roberts, Alexander RAttending
Chhabra, AshimaAttending Roberts, Jared FAttending
Cohoon, Lance AAttending Rosio, Jake LAttending
Collins, Brendan TAttending Roznick, James SAttending
Comperchio, Stephen JAttending Rudy, Matthew TAttending
Cook, Ellaina EAttending Ruggles, David TAttending
Cordes, Luke TAttending Ryan, Joseph DAttending
Curtis, Antwon DAttending Saltzmann, Daniel JAttending
Daling, Jacob TAttending Sander, Heather EAttending
Dani, Alexis MAttending Saupe, Gregory LNot Attending
Dann, Caleb GAttending Schlax, Mark CAttending
DeBoer, Jared MAttending Schmid, MichaelAttending
Dolinski, Hanna JAttending Schmidt, Avery GAttending
Dompier, Jamie AAttending Schorr, Marissa RAttending
Doney, Jessica KAttending Schroeder, Grace EAttending
Doyle, Samantha AAttending Scott, Jason AAttending
Driesenga, Zachary DAttending Scruton, Julia MAttending
Drumm, Levi MAttending Seppanen, Jared NAttending
Drumm, Sasha RAttending Serdar, StacieAttending
Dubiel, Nick CNot Attending Shafer, Cole GAttending
Duensing, Madison RAttending Sharp, Anthony MAttending
Duford, Zackery TAttending Sheffield, Logan MAttending
Dzurka, Jennifer LAttending Sherbinow, Alex MNot Attending
Eby, Keelyn EAttending Silvers, Rand AAttending
Eisenga, Devon CAttending Sitko, Blake RAttending
Eskau, Benjamin PAttending Size, Michael AAttending
Fedie, Gregory JNot Attending Slabaugh, Tristan JAttending
Fernstrum, Rachel KAttending Smale, Zachary MAttending
Ficek, Aubrey RAttending Smit, Samuel JAttending
Fisher, Scott WAttending Smith, Brody KAttending
Fitzsimmons, Alessandro TAttending Smith, Cameron JAttending
Fitzsimmons, Sean CAttending Smith, Courtney AAttending
Flaim, Adam RAttending Smith, Jason WAttending
Flatt, Cody WAttending Smith, Nathaniel EAttending
Fortier, Keagan FAttending Smoter, MichaelAttending
Frank, Evan RAttending Spicuzza, Thomas JAttending
Furger, Zachary RAttending St. Arnaud, Dallas JAttending
Gagnon, Jordan RAttending Staley, Mark AAttending
Gallant, Kyle MNot Attending Stein, Samantha BAttending
Gander, Spencer JAttending Stevens, Trevor RAttending
Gangle, Nathan MAttending Stimmel, Elisabeth VAttending
Garner, Joseph LAttending Stoddard, Cody AAttending
Gast, Morgan RAttending Striebel, JacobAttending
Genautis, Timothy RNot Attending Sturos, Reid RAttending
Gendron-Granquist, Logan JAttending Sturos, Tyler KNot Attending
Glass, Nicholas CAttending Suarez Bolivar, Valeria AAttending
Glazier, Michael LAttending Summers, Andrew TAttending
Gleason, Matthew GNot Attending Sutton, Cody MAttending
Glowacki, Edward TAttending Sutton, Zoe RAttending
Grammatico, Morgan MAttending Szczap, Joseph AAttending
Grassel, Michael RAttending Tallman, Andrew LNot Attending
Gregoricka, Terry SAttending Taubitz, Trevor JAttending
Gregory, Michelle EAttending Taylor, Zachary JAttending
Grifka, Tyler LAttending Thermos, Paige KAttending
Groen, Alden TAttending Tigges, Katherine MAttending
Gustman, Matthew WAttending Toboyek, Amber LAttending
Haapapuro, Alex BAttending Truitt, Ashley DAttending
Hall, Deven AAttending Tsuchiya, Evan TAttending
Hamina, Karl GAttending Tumey, Evan RAttending
Hays, Matthew CAttending Tyner, Neffertia SAttending
Hedman, Jacob PAttending Vaglica, Stephania MAttending
Heeringa, Madison JAttending VanDyke, Benjamin JAttending
Henderson, James CAttending VanLanen, Joel MAttending
Hill, Brandon RAttending Vasu, AjayAttending
Hill, Zachary AAttending Vaught, Matthew TAttending
Hill, Zachary WAttending Venz, Kimberly LNot Attending
Holdburg, David MAttending Verhun, Nicholas SAttending
Hooker, Joshua BAttending Verran, Zachary TAttending
Hooper, Grayson AAttending Visconti, Matthew LAttending
Howery, Nicholas RAttending Visser, Miles CNot Attending
Howland, Brett SAttending Vogt, Danielle CAttending
Hrabinsky, William BAttending Vollrath, Alex CAttending
Hunt, Emily JAttending Voytovich, Jason SAttending
Hutchison, Keith LAttending Waara, Nicholas MAttending
Iwanicki, Josef TAttending Wade, Erik MAttending
Jacobson, Erica MAttending Waffle, Cody AAttending
Jaffas, Cassandra MAttending Waisanen, Alexander SAttending
Jamieson, Devin ANot Attending Walla, Alexander JAttending
Jarvi, Jacob MAttending Wang, ChaoruiAttending
Jasman, Justin RAttending Wang, YuguangAttending
Jelley, Kara DAttending Washington, QuincyAttending
Jensen, Eli RAttending Watkoske, Lauryn CAttending
Johnston, Nathaniel TAttending Weaver, Caitlin BAttending
Jones, Trevor DAttending Weaver, Margo KAttending
Jurkowski, Jake AAttending Weeks, Hannah LAttending
Karsten, Helen MNot Attending West, Sawyer MAttending
Kass, Brian FAttending Wiedemeier, Jake RAttending
Kauppila, Neil RAttending Winfield, Chester PAttending
Kelley, Katelyn MAttending Wise, Nicholas JNot Attending
Kerrigan, Brendan KNot Attending Woodford, Jim RAttending
Keshari, PrakharAttending Wright, Jacob JAttending
Kispert, Alex JAttending Xu, KezhenAttending
Klassen, Zachary SAttending Zhou, JunxinAttending
Klein, Zachary AAttending Zurcher, Nathan DAttending
Klingensmith, AdamAttending  
Koboski, Kira MAttending  
Kocher, Erik HAttending  
Krease, Stephen RAttending  
Kristofik, James PAttending  
Krompetz, Dillon RAttending  
Krueger, James GAttending  
Kuznicki, Gabrielle NAttending  
Laes, Christopher AAttending  
Laiho, Chad DAttending  
Lange, Alexander JAttending  
Langlais, Matthew JAttending  
Leaske, Patrick SAttending  
Leech, Alexandria FAttending  
Lefebvre, Brendan JAttending  
Ley, Jeffrey JAttending  
Li, XingliangAttending  
Li, YiliangAttending  
Litschauer, Bryce DAttending  
Liu, RonaldAttending  
Liu, YiAttending  
Loew, Jacob AAttending  
Long, Evan GAttending  
Lopetrone, Tiffany AAttending  
Lu, RuiAttending  
MacLean, Kristine LAttending  
Macomber, Emily SAttending  
Malik, PreetiAttending  
Maraccini, Mario LAttending  
Marek, Samuel JAttending  
Markwardt, Kegan RAttending  
Martell, Joshua DAttending  
Martin, Alexis LAttending  
Martin, Elizabeth LAttending  
Masakowski, Ryan MAttending  
Mashak, Brady JAttending  
Matetich, Christopher MAttending  
McEachin, Neil JAttending  
McGrath, Cody AAttending  
McGrath, Shane LAttending  
McKeith, Benjamin JNot Attending  
Mead, Aaron CAttending  
Michaud, Brett MAttending  
Mickle, Julianne MAttending  
Miller, Eric JAttending  
Miller, Nathan DAttending  
Mills, Andrew MNot Attending  
Miner, Aaron JAttending  
Moeggenborg, Paul JAttending  
Mu, ChenglinAttending  
Mullen, Reginald LAttending