STEM Education Pathways

Certification versus Certificate

In addition to enrolling in undergraduate and graduate programs, students may

  • obtain teaching certification, or
  • pursue a graduate certificate.

In the Department of Cognitive and Learning Sciences, teaching certification involves enrollment in an undergraduate major or minor program leading to Michigan Secondary School Teaching Certification.

A graduate certificate is offered by Michigan Tech to those at the post-graduate level who want to increase their proficiency in a specialty or interdisciplinary area.

Careers in Secondary Education

6-12 Teaching

Teacher certification is for undergraduates entering the program who are interested in teaching at the 6-12 levels. Michigan Tech offers teaching certification majors in 10 content areas, including STEM fields. The teacher education program is accredited by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council, meeting all state mandates for teacher licensure.

Education Professionals

In-service teachers who wish to develop their ability to teach science and mathematics at the 6-12 levels may be interested in the MS in Applied Science and Mathematics or the Earth Systems Science (ESS) track. The ESS track also provides the option of additional certification in earth science teaching.

The MS is available to teachers. Those applying that hold a bachelor’s degree in STEM fields have the option of pursuing the MS along with teacher certification. Non-degree seeking 6-12 educators can gain professional development through diverse teacher institutes, many of which are offered in summer. Graduate credits earned may be applied toward Michigan’s continuing-education requirement for teacher certification renewal and toward the MS degree. Teacher institutes focus on STEM topics like sustainability, ecology, engineering applications, and global change.

STEM Teaching and Learning

Post-Secondary Education, Research, and Assessment

Those with at least a bachelor’s degree who wish to teach or do research at the college level may acquire a graduate level certificate in post-secondary STEM education. This certificate would also benefit academic professionals conducting research and assessment on topics related to teaching and learning in the STEM disciplines. The certificate program is open to graduate students enrolled in STEM-related degree programs and to non-degree seeking students at the graduate level.

Psychology, Applied Cognitive Science and Human Factors

Undergraduates interested in critical-thinking skills and human reasoning may be interested in the BS in Psychology or the minor in Psychology.

Degree-seeking graduate students can also pursue an MS or PhD in Applied Cognitive Science and Human Factors. Some areas related to education include human cognition, expertise, knowledge elicitation, and educational technology.