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2 hours ago - Road and runway maintenance. Anti-icing and deicing. Mobility in snow—army tanks to snowmobiles. In-house engineers tackle the chilliest of problems at Michigan Tech’s Keweenaw Research Center. ❄️ . . . . . . With more than 250 inches of snow annually, the Keweenaw Research Center is ideal for cold-weather research. As Director Jay Meldrum puts it, “Besides our engineering talent, we have consistently lousy winter weather and remoteness, too—advantages many other test facilities do not have. We even test in the off-season. Some call that summer.” #michigantech #innovationshore #engineering #snowiestschool
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4 hours ago - Bringing an international perspective to ecosystem studies.
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23 hours ago - Crazy smart students come from crazy talented parents! Check out these Michigan Tech-inspired ornaments some proud Husky parents made this season.
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Saturday - Michigan Tech students hoping to go into the Peace Corps can prepare themselves in the Pavlis Honors College's Peace Corps Prep.