Guiding Principles

Customer Service/Service Excellence

We strive to meet the needs of the University and greater community by fostering a positive approach and forward-thinking actions to build and maintain satisfaction while supporting institutional values.

Safety and Risk Management

We conduct university business in ways that minimize operational, financial, reputational, strategic, and compliance risk. This is accomplished by balancing the needs to satisfy customers while moving the university toward our strategic goals. We employ best practices with regards to workplace laws, regulations, and standards to provide for the physical safety of people, facilities, and assets including, and the security of data and sensitive information.

Continuous Improvement

We foster and support a collaborative culture that focuses on solving problems, eliminating wasteful activities, improving processes, and increasing customer value, and continuing to improve all aspects of Michigan Tech.

Professional Development

We value the on-going growth and professional development of our employees. We develop and continually revise a vision of the future state of our organization in response to and in support of University goals and the strategic plan. Our vision includes defining growth needs, change processes, and supporting the professional development necessary to move us toward our future state.